Kasaimoto Ideology...


Kasaimoto was formed from a passion and desire for Engineering and Performance. Conceived by J.Hallam, an Aerospace Engineer that has always strived to find solutions in the quest for better.

Formative Years were spent with access to all things mechanical and a keen interest in engineering which was the precursor to an engineering apprenticeship concentrating on production techniques and Metallurgy before then furthering into the Aerospace engineering sector and quality control.

Kasaimoto is a design & engineering company with the advantage of experience in Aerospace Metallurgy, Tolerances and quality bringing the safety aspects that arena demands.

With these skills, techniques and knowledge at the forefront, Kasaimoto products are instinctively and deliberately meticulously engineered, It is the differential from most automotive engineers, and we are proud of our standards.

Kasaimoto engineers and upgrades Eaton Roots Superchargers, with Hardware replacement, specialist coating to Supercharger internals and continues to innovate in other sectors of Supercharging.

Every aspect of Kasaimoto's mechanical components are exhaustively scrutinized, tested and inspected from design to function within tolerances to 1.5microns.  The result is that our designs perform exactly as they were intended, with exemplary cosmetic finish.

With the advent of modern design, production methods, machinery and materials Kasaimoto has not only continued time served traditional proven methods but has also embraced new concepts and materials in the pursuit of ever increasing performance and efficiency.