Kasaimoto Gallery

The Eaton OEM coating has started to Delaminate from parent Aluminium

Eaton Gen4 Coating

Advanced Delamination of the OEM coating.

Damaged OEM Rotor Coating

Rotors stripped and cleaned in preparation for Recoating.

M45 Stripped Rotors

Original Eaton rotor pack bearing housing and delicate shaft seals

Eaton OEM Rotor Pack Housing

Factory sealed Non removable bearings, unprepared attempts will crack and destroy the housing

OEM Factory Sealed Bearings

Rotor pack bearings can only properly be removed with Machining

Rotor Pack Bearings

Cases are stripped of components, degreased and prepared for media blasting

Pre Media Blast Case

Prepared cases are media blasted to remove oxidation from the Casting

Media Blasted Case

Components are inspected for Dimensional integrity

Media Blasted Components

PTO transmission housing prepared for new bearings and seals

PTO Housing

PTO bearings and seals fitted in preparation for Shafts and Gears

PTO New Bearings Seals

Special non standard Black M45 PTO drive completed

PTO Rear

Full case coverage of non standard Black powder coat

M45 Black Powder Coat

Rebuilt partial Black M45 with 17% Pulley ready for refit

M45 Completed Rebuild

R53 Cooper S with rebuilt Eaton M45 Supercharger

M45 W11B16

Assembly of unit without internal bore surface coating

New OEM Rotor Bearings

Rotor Case showing the internal surfaces coating for optimised clearances

Internal surface coating

Rotor Case Degreased, Blasted, Recoated and prepared for assembly

Coated Gen5 Case

Eaton Gen4 coated Rotor on the Left adjacent to Kasaimoto Rotor recoat

Gen4 OEM & Kasaimoto Rotors

Rotor assembly having undertaken the Kasaimoto recoat process

Rotor Recoat Assembly

The Shafts and Rotors are extensively inspected for Dimensional accuracy, surface finish, Concentricity and Runout

Rotor Assembly Inspection

CNC Turned and Milled 6Series Aluminium Crank Pulleys to either OEM or Bespoke Ratios

Crank Pulley

Pulleys are Black hard Anodised to provide Corrosion resistance and prevention of wear to the Aluminium surface


Supercharger Pulleys shown in 2 component form with 6PK profile in a range of size Ratios

Supercharger Pulleys